Who is this Jesus?
Jesus is unique. He is God, and he is human. He never made a mistake or did anything wrong. Seems impossible? For us it is. That's why we need Jesus.

Until we have been saved by Jesus, we’re the walking dead. Spiritually unconscious & trapped in our sins. We are separated from God...but God has a plan: Jesus.  Jesus left heaven, and came to earth for us. He died on a cross, and was raised to life - rescuing us from sin & bringing us back from the dead. He restored our connection with God, and showed us a way to live an abundant life here and now - through Jesus.

Simply put, Jesus is salvation, and salvation is life (1 John 5:12). When you are saved, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you!


Luckily for us - we don't really have to guess. God gave us the answers in the Bible. It is God's story, and our story. In that story, he makes this clear: Jesus WANTS us  to be saved (1 John 5:13). He isn't trying to 'keep us out.' He's inviting us into the life we were made for - both now and forever.

Meet Jesus - FAQ

Yes! Salvation is a gift offered to everyone. No one's sin is greater than God's grace. And Jesus WANTS you to be saved ( 2 Pet 3:9) from that sin!  It's really up to you to accept the gift.

Holy Spirit (Jesus promises to send him to all who are part of Jesus' family) does some pretty miraculous things. He gives peace & strength where none existed. He heals hearts, minds, and sometimes bodies - but he makes no promises that your life will be 'perfect' instantly. What he does promise is that the better you get to know him, the easier it becomes to deal with the difficulties of life - because he's walking with you on the journey. He also promises that regardless of your present circumstances, the future is filled with eternal hope.

So you stumbled? Fell short? Lost your way? Gave up? 
Life has a way of doing that sometimes, but you should know that even if you gave up on God - he NEVER gave up on you.  As long as you're still breathing, it's not to late to return to the journey he has laid out for you. Jesus wants to restore you. Return to him and he will greet you with celebration (Lk 15:11-32)!

Short Answer: Give up fighting the battle yourself, and let Jesus save you.

The journey is a little bit different for everyone, but the keys are to hear the Gospel (that's the story of Jesus' death, burial & resurrection), believe it to be true, ask Jesus to be your savior, and then chose to turn away from the way you used to do things - seeking Jesus' way instead (we call that repentance).

Jesus is calling you to trust that he has done all the work to make things right. His death, burial, and resurrection means that all your sins are gone - disappeared, ancient history - and that you are set free to live an abundant life with God here and eternally. If you are ready to believe, tell Him that you want to receive this gift and commit your life to him.

Say something like this: "Dear Lord Jesus, I know I have sinned and need your forgiveness.  I know I can't earn it - but that you offer it. I believe that you lived, died, and rose again so that I could be re-connected with God.  I confess that you are my Lord & give my life to you. Whatever my past, present, or future - I know that you will use it to your glory.  I'm ready to pursue you and the journey you laid out for me with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Amen."

It is Jesus who gives these words meaning. His death for our sins, and resurrection is what gives you eternal life in Him. 

The evidence of your salvation is what's happening in you now. Jesus promises and provides you with an advisor (Jn 14:16-18) - his name is Holy Spirit - who gives you a desire to live for God and the ability to hear, recognize and respond to God's voice. He will help you grow in the faith, hope, and love God designed us to experience. Our loving God, wanting to trust and follow him, enjoying his presence, hearing his voice in scripture, and feeling conviction for sin along with the need for repentance are all common experiences for those who are saved (Jn 10:3-5).‚Äč

Yikes no, this is just the beginning!! We recommend you go tell someone!

Following Jesus is less about reaching the finish line, and more about running the race. Each of us started our journey with God in a different place - but we are all traveling with Jesus now. We are family - God's family.  We were made to do it together. With every step along the way, God shows us more - more of who he is, more of what he desires, and more of his love. 

What's your next step? We'd love to help you take it!

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